June 28th, 2019

atomic blast

Holy crap! I just finished bingeing on Rob Reid’s amazing podcast ‘After On’

If you have a brain, you need this. If you think of yourself as well-informed, he will disabuse you of that quickly.

The free bag of crack that got me started was his Ted talk. If you haven’t watched that, go now!

The podcast episodes are long; they run about an hour, and they are deep dives with real experts that will scare the buh-jebus out of you. They’re so thick with detail, I’m planning to listen to all of them at least twice because I’m sure I missed things. (When I listen to content that is engaging to this level, my mind wanders off on some nugget, and it’s several minutes before I can get my focus back to the source. That’s when the ‘go back 30 seconds’ button saves my sanity.)

Sorry for the brevity. I’m keeping this short so I can get back to listening!

Seriously, Rob F*#ing Reid!