September 26th, 2017

Chapter Layout first page
Chapter Layout inside page

I love Vellum!

I ’ve written about Vellum before, but I just got the upgrade that lets me do something amazing - publish a print version without Microsoft Word. For those unfamiliar with the process, it goes like this: Write a manuscript in a really nice editor like Scrivener, then export in MS Word format, followed by a multi-hour battle with the worst piece of crap in the world: MS Word. When I say it's crap, I'm exercising a lot of self-control because Word is really only good for one thing: swearing practice. Getting it to do drop-caps is fairly easy, but the fight to get mirrored margins and alternating headers will leave you bruised and bloody.

Enter Vellum! All of those things are done for you in Vellum. I almost fell out of my chair! Drop-caps, alternating pages, correct page-numbering, and it even added blank pages to force new chapters onto odd-numbered pages! Word used to make me laboriously insert page breaks.

I'm over-the-moon happy with this!