July 25th, 2017

“In the late 21'st century the brightest mind in the world was not human, but human-made. It had no biological appetites. It knew neither hunger nor thirst. It did not crave companionship nor sexual gratification. It never slept, never rested in its pursuit of its sole motivation: curiosity...”

“Psychology is really biology. Biology is really chemistry. Chemistry is really physics. Physics is really math.”

“...Matter is made of combinations of six quarks with odd names like Charm. Six fundamental components of matter are known, but only four fundamental forces. This imbalance led the world’s first artificial intelligence to discover a fifth force and to use it in the conversion of energy. With the use of a material called Charm Foil, it could, among other things, convert microwaves into a gravitational field…”

- from ‘The History of the Charm Drive’ April, 2216