November 9th, 2017

Why does the world suck? Let me just skip to the end and say “it doesn’t.”

The 24-hour news cycle is a pestilence. You should avoid it as I do and here’s why: the goal of a constant flow of “News” is not to inform you but to shape your emotional state. If it seems that the news is always bad and tragic, if it angers you and upsets you, then the system is working properly. Making the world seem to get suckier every day is the goal because that maintains the hold they have on your attention. When news came to us in the form of newspapers, the economic model was static. They couldn’t sell you a second newspaper no matter what they wrote about or how they wrote about it. This is not currently the case. The more they play with your emotions, the more you watch, and more importantly, the more opportunities there are to sell you a new truck. Take my advice and turn that crap off. Your mother was right it will rot your brain.