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Book #1 in the Brains In Chains Trilogy

Brains in Chains is a Science Fiction novel by WC Brown about Super-Intelligent Machines (and how irritating they are).

Kent and James are brilliant, by human standards. But those standards are about to change. By the time this is over, they will be known as the two idiots who wanted a smart slave. How many safety measures are enough when the thing in the cage is as far above humans as humans are to mice? At least they know they succeeded. The same cannot be said for the dozens of other teams around the world attempting to create a super-human intelligence. How many are already out there? How would we know?

Marcus has an interesting job - retrieving treasure. It’s not exactly treasure hunting, since he already knows where it is. The hunting part is done by his reclusive employer, with super-human accuracy. Marcus would ask him how, but he really doesn’t want to spoil a good thing.

For enough money, most people will do almost anything. When money is just bits, who are the slaves and who are the masters?


Here are a few of the more obscure references from the book(no spoilers)

  • Thurber Mingus is a real place (or rather places) and the road sign is real too. I just Googled it and there’s a restaurant by that name there too. I’ll have to try it out!
  • Reggie Hammond was Eddie Murphy’s character in the movie 48 Hours
  • Agatha, Dashiell, and Arthur” is a reference to the characters from the movie Minority Report
  • The “Hollinshead barn” that Marcus finished off was a reference to some incoherent directions is the movie Funny Farm.
  • “The Station” is a real place. It’s in Vero Beach, FL. Just search for “Vero Beach Diesel Power Plant” and you’ll find it.YouTube
  • The names Marcus Carter(MC), Steve Kerry(SK), and Gillian Franks(GF) came from the original story(without Kent and James) where I hadn’t chosen names for them yet and just wrote initials MC(Main Character), SK(Side Kick), and GF(Girl Friend)
  • BigDog is a real robot built by Boston Dynamics for the U.S. Marine Corp. to carry heavy loads.
  • Rail Gun Technology is a real thing but I’ve never heard of anyone using it to get things into orbit using lightning.
  • Attracting lighting with a model rocket is also a real thing. It’s used at the University of Florida to study the effects of lightning.
  • The SuperGun was almost a real thing before Mossad stopped Gerald Bull from making one for Saddam Hussein.
  • “Drop Bears” are mythical creatures invented by Australians to have a laugh at tourists.
  • The address “11235 Hastings” is the beginning of the Fibonacci sequence.
  • Yukon Cornelius was a character in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
  • “Good News Everyone!” is the catch phrase of The Professor in Futurama
  • James’s Porsche was the same model as in the movie Doc Hollywood
  • The Treasure of the Sierra Madre was a Humphrey Bogart movie about finding gold in Mexico (Spoiler alert: they kill each other over the gold)
  • Thurber denigrates James’s Porsche calling it a “Volkswagen Beetle” which I got from Jeremy Clarkson in Season 10 Episode 2 of Top Gear where he similarly refers to Richard Hammond’s beloved 911.
  • The part about Kent saving so much time on haircuts, I got from and interview Bob Cringely did with PayPal co-founder Max Levchin - (an uber nerd of the first order).
  • “We’re international criminals. We do Robberies!” came from the movie Time Bandits
  • “It’s a hell of a day at sea, sir!” came from the movie Overboard
  • The Interocitor is from This Island Earth