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Temporal Fuse

Book #3 in the Brains In Chains Trilogy

Temporal Fuse. A Science Fiction novel by WC Brown about Love, Time Travel, and Super-Intelligent Machines.

A mildly intelligent, spider-shaped robot name Martin Van Buren has been stranded in 1982 by his previous owner, Thomas, and given a list of tasks to complete. He has vowed to do none of them, instead telling everyone who will listen that he is a super-intelligent robot from the future. Martin has met a girl in Dubuque, Iowa named Angel. She has promised him a misunderstood “party” in exchange for healing her dying grandmother who wasn’t actually dying but rather only dangerously gullible. Angel has discovered that Martin is not in fact a faith-healing little-person inside a movie prop spider, but rather, exactly what he has said he was - an artificial intelligence inside a spider-shaped robot, possibly from the future.

Title: Temporal Fuse

Genre: Fiction / Science Fiction / Comedy

Author: WC Brown

Status:  Manuscript      Editing      Cover Art

Available: Q4 2017 Now!

ISBN: 978-0-9978751-5-7

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